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Simple Guide to Delete Photos From iPhone SE Easily

Do you have a plan to delete your photos on your iPhone? For you who got bored and want to delete some photos in your iPhone SE, here we have the tips how to delete photos from iPhone SE by using easiest steps.

delete photos from iphone se

The Easiest Step How to Delete Photos from iPhone SE

  • Open the iPhone Photos

First of all, you can open your iPhone and start to look up the home screen. Find the Photos gallery that looks like a multicolored pinwheel icon.

  • Tap to the Album

You can find the Album that is located at the bottom of the right corner of the home screen iPhone. You have to tap the “Album” and wait until the photos show up. Remember, when the Photos shows you a photo, memory, and collection, then click to the “back” button” that is located on the top left corner of the home screen.

  • Tap the “Camera Roll” Album

The Camera Roll is located at on the top left album. In this page, you have to start to open the Photos Album where you save all of the photos in iPhone.

  • Tap the select option

If you want to choose the photos before you delete it, then tap into this select option. The “select” is located on the top right corner on the home screen.

  • Tap each photo

After you click select, you can start to tap the photo that you want to delete soon.

  • Tap the trash icon

After you finish tapping all of the photos that you want, then, you can tap the trash icon to fix the deleting proses.

  • Tap delete number photos

The last step of how to delete photos from iPhone is tapping on the delete number photos. If you have tap to the photos, there will be a pop-up option of deleting number photos on the home screen. You have to click “ok” to approve it!

You can follow the steps of how to delete photos from iPhone easily. Through the steps above, you do not need some Apps to delete the photos from the iPhone SE.

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