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How to Set Alarm on iPhone SE

You can set alarm on your iPhone SE in easy way. It helps you as reminder when you need to do certain thing or show the correct time too. For all of you who want to learn set alarm on iPhone SE, what you need to do is doing some steps here.

set alarm on iphone se

Step by Step to Set Alarm on iPhone SE

First you need to know that here is Clock app for iPhone SE if you want to get and use Alarm feature. You can find this clock app on the home screen and then to open this app, what you need to do is tapping the picture or icon.

Second, after this app is open, you can find several options at the bottom of screen such as alarm, stopwatch, timer and world clock. You can tap “Alarm” and then continue

Third, what you need to do next is setting your alarm. Some people often feel confused because they don’t find this app when they open this app for first time. That is why what you need to do is setting new alarm and then tapping the +sign that you can find on the top right corner of your iPhone screen.

Fourth, you can continue by finger up and down the number to pick the alarm time. You can set your time for example 07.00

Fifth, you who need to find this alarm for several times, you can press repeat. You can also choose to repeat alarm on and it means you want to be remembered every night or Monday to Friday or based on your need. After you set the day, you can tap back to the setting.

Sixth, there are some alarm tones that you can choose. You are free to choose your alarm tone by tapping one and then select. You can first hear the sample of alarm tone. If you have already found your best alarm tone, you can go back and then choose the right alarm tone for your alarm.

You can also choose the word that is appeared. You can change it as you like. When you have already done with this step, you can go back to the main setting.

How about snooze function? It can be set as default too by taping switch and then turn off or on if you want it.

You have already set your alarm and then tap save that you can find at the top of the part on your screen to set all the alarm setting. When you see the green color then it means your alarm is ready to use.

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