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How to Securing iPhone SE With Lock Screen

Your iPhone SE device contains various and many information which is totally valuable. Then, of course we also often sign into the various applications with the info regarding to the social media, email, and many other to access the data. It is great to use the passcode for securing the data which is in your device from the peepers. That will be helpful to make your data and info which is in your device of iPhone SE to be much more secured so that you will be less of worry then. Article bewlo will guide you to Securing iPhone SE using simple method.

securing iphone se

There will be two different options you can choose on iPhone. They are the ‘custom numeric codes’ which is the passkey is only using numbers as many as you want, ‘custom alphanumeric codes’ which the passkey in which using he numbers and also letters, or the ‘4 Digit Numeric Codes’ which is like the old school pin.

Then, now the question is the steps to set or deal with the passkey or passcode on your device which is iPhone SE.

Steps to Securing iPhone SE With Lock Screen

  1. You can choose the icon of ‘Setting’. Then, you can go down and choose the ‘Touch ID&Passcode’.
  2. When we have been in the menu of ‘Touch ID&Passcode’, we can choose blue link in order to ‘Turn Passcode On
  3. The passcode setting is commonly in default of custom alphanumeric codes but you can replace it by choosing the ‘Passcode Option’.
  4. Choose the option of passcode for selecting that passcode.
  5. Type and enter the passcode you want. That depends on your want.
  6. Doing a confirmation of the passcode which you have made by retyping the passcode. If it is not matched, you will automatically back to the first entry of the passcodes. It means you need to start from the first.
  7. The last step you can do is choosing ‘Require Passcodes’ for deciding how fast you have to enter that passcode.
  8. Then you can also set the timeout from the on screen list by choosing the particular interval. Then, you can choose the icon of ‘back’ which is located on top left corner.

There are some particular elements that are able to be accessed when the device screen is locked.  You can simply set them. So, what are they actually? They are Siri, Notification, and other OS parts. Choose any that you want to enable some of them. Then, they will turn into green when they are already switched on.

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