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How to unlock iPhone SE with iCloud through Cellunlocker

Some people got a classic problem at the time they bought a used iPhone or other devices. Commonly, they could not enter the phone because they did not know the passcode or the iCloud account. Perhaps, the phone still used the previous user account and finally, it made you unable to insert your SIM card. You do not regret and want to resale it again. Nowadays, there is guide to unlock iPhone SE with iCloud which will solve your case. Stay here and catch what you need!

Steps to Unlock iPhone SE with Cellunlocker or iPhone IMEI

There are two unlock providers to gride the unlocked iCloud account. Firstly, you can choose a Cellunlocker or the second is iPhone IMEI. The Cellunlocker are able to unlock iPhone 4 until the 6s series. It opens 6 phones only in 8 days with one day for the iPhone 4s, 5s, and 5c. Meanwhile, the iPhone SE, 6, and 6 s need 2 days. If you choose this provider, you only spend $1 where it is very cheap.

unlock iphone se

Some people said that iPhone IMEI does not have a good performance. It may be not as well as the Cellunlocker but actually, it is not bad. At least, the provider is able to finish 5 from 6 phones where the total time is 12 days. The iPhone 6 plus needs one day and 3 days for the iPhone 4, 6s, and 6s plus. Meanwhile, the iPhone SEc will need 4 days to unlock the key. The iPhone IMEI is very well-known in Canada and North America.

4 Steps to Unlocking Your Apple iPhone SE

After you decide the service provider above, it is time to practice how to unlock iPhone SE. By the way, there are 4 simple steps such as the following:

1. Select Cellunlocker or iPhone IMEI
2. Enter IMEI or the serial number of your device. In fact, there are two ways to get your IMEI according to:

  • Active iPhone: Press *#06# or through Settings -> General -> About -> Scroll down
  • Inactive iPhone: Tap the small “i” icon on the screen and you will get your IMEI number.

3. You will get confirmation that your iCloud Lock has been unlocked after a while.
4. Create a new account and you can use your device again.

Now, everyone can take a breath calmly because there has been a solution to unlock the iPhone SE. Thanks for the reading of how to unlock iPhone SE today and share your knowledge to the others. Happy trying!

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