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How to Forward Text Message on iPhone SE Easily

Perhaps, you just have a little information you got from an iMessage on your iPhone SE, and you have to message the info to someone else. It is possible for you to retype it, to copy and paste it, but if you can, why do not you go with the easier option? The easier way is to forward the text messages or even the complete conversations on your iPhone. Below are the simple steps on how to forward text message on iPhone SE.

forward text message on iphone se

What is Copying And Forwarding a Text Message?

Another way you can do is copying your message. It is a great way you can do to get a message into another app including Safari, Notes, and Mail. Copying means, you are going to move the text from a message to the clipboard and then paste it somewhere. You can copy it as a new message or copy it to a different app. It works if you want to copy the content for something more than forwarding it in another SMS (iMessage).

Forwarding a message means, you are going to re-send a message from iMessage (SMS or MMS) to anyone in your contacts.

  • show more button on imessageChoose the message that you want to forward. Hold the message for a second and double-tap it. There will be a pop-up appear with some options such as “Copy” and “More”. In this step, you must choose “More”. There is a blue checkmark appears next to the message, which is the sign that you selected the message for forwarding. Next, you can find the empty circles to other parts of the message, too. Now, you can select some important parts of the message that you want to forward. This feature surely helps you to forward many messages at once. All you can do is to tap all the messages you want to forward before you select the actual forward button.
  • Check all parts of the message that you want to forward. No one wants to send wrong parts of the message. After selected everything you want to forward, you can select the arrow placed in the lower-right corner. To continue, you have to fill in the name of whomever that is going to be the recipient. The “To” field is the place for the recipient, and select Send. The forwarded message is on its way.

Those are the steps on how to forward text message on iPhone SE. hopefully it can help the problem that appears on your iPhone .

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