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iPhone SE Battery Life Review: How It’s Different from the other iPhone?

There are lots of rumors about the hight quality of iPhone SE battery life. Is that really true? In some part it is true. Thus, you have to know more about some iPhone SE battery information.

iPhone SE battery life

iPhone SE battery life: it is better than the iPhone 5S

The easiest way to check the iPhone SE battery life is by comparing the battery to the 5S battery. In fact, the SE has much better battery than the 5S. However, it is not because the SE battery is designed with extra chassis space to hold more electrons. It is more because of the overall SE designs. Apple designs the iPhone SE with some shrink component, especially inside the battery, to boots its power from the 1560 mAh to 1624 mAh. The bigger mAh of course make the iPhone SE has longer battery life.

Awesome iphone se battery life hacks

It seems always the battery that becomes the biggest flaws for your iPhone. To make your iPhone SE’s battery works better, there are several awesome tips for you:

  • Don’t let the battery dry

When you find that the battery is 20% before it’s shutting down, you have to re-charge it. The red zone battery is always terrible for any smart phone.

  • Early low power mode

The default SE low power mode is at 20%. Make it early at 35% to get your iPhone SE on for more hours. It works much better than lowering your iPhone performance,

  • Get it 100% charged at around 10.30 AM

It will increase your iPhone SE battery life up to 6% for the day even when you are using the phone to watch a full HD video for 90 minutes.

  • Upgrade the phone

The last, you have to consider upgrading the phone. It will makes the iPhone SE battery life increase even almost twice longer.

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