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How to Use iPhone SE as a Flashlight to Navigate You in Dark Locations

Have you experienced the darkness of a sudden? Off the lights for example. iPhone SE owners never a reason to be stuck struggling around a dark room looking for a light switch. iPhone SE include a flashlight feature included in them that can help you navigate dark locations. How to use iPhone SE to as flashlight? The article below will guide you.

Step by Step to Enable and Use Your iPhone SE as Flashlight

use iPhone SE as flashlightTo activate the iPhone SE built-in Flashlight, follow these steps:

  • With your iPhone SE active (that is, the screen is lit up; the device can be at the lockscreen, home screen, or in an app), swipe up from the bottom of the screen to reveal Control Center. There is no way to access this app outside of Control Center.
  • In the Control Center window, tap the Flashlight icon (the icon on the far left, at the bottom) to turn on the flashlight.
  • The camera flash on the back of the iPhone turns on and stays on.
  • To turn off the flashlight, open Control Center again and tap the Flashlight icon so that it is no longer active.

Something to keep in mind when you use iPhone SE as flashlight can drain your battery quickly. Thus, in case your charge is low and then you will not have chance to recharge immediately, be careful.

For those who want more options than just a simple constant stream of light, there are several flashlight apps in the App Store you can download. Most of them are free and called some variation of “Flashlight,” so it shouldn’t be too hard to find and download one quickly.

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