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iPhone SE vs iPhone 6: Who Will Win the Comparison?

iPhone SE vs iPhone 6 should be an interesting comparison. The 6 series is known for its advanced tech and support to a user. Meanwhile, the SE series is the latest to release, and it the updated version of the 4-inch series. Let’s see few critical points to compare besides the price and size.

iphone se vs iphone 6

iPhone SE vs iPhone 6: Productivity and Power

The SE series has better “brain”, A9 chip that includes Dual Core 2 GHz 64 bit ARM processor, and M9 coprocessor. Meanwhile the 6 series uses A8 chip with M8 coprocessor. SE also has twice bigger RAM than the 6. Both will be available for 16GB and 64GB memory capacity, and use iOS 9.3. SE is also completed with better camera. The rear camera is 12 megapixels in resolution and it is enriched with Live Photo option for finest capture on photos and videos. Meanwhile, the 6 series ends up with 1080 pixel video.

iPhone SE vs iPhone 6: The Design

The exterior design should highlight the difference between them at first look. The size of the display is a little different. The SE wears a 4 inch, and the 6 wears a 4.7 inch. It should make real different on the resolution. The SE gets 1,136×640, and 6 gets 1,334×750. However, the gap should be almost unrecognized. Both series wear the same material, glass and bead bolstered aluminum. The iPhone SE though feels less rounded and chunkier than the 6 series. In addition to it, SE is also available on all 6 series color finishes plus rose gold.

In sum, if you want something advanced and don’t mind about the size, you should go for the 6 series. However, the SE series should make the best size for a phone. The price is totally affordable even though you may not have the most advanced tech with you. So, iPhone SE vs iPhone 6 comparison result is the tie.

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