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iPhone SE in Australia Price and Review

One of the most happening gadget news is the iPhone SE. There are a lot of rumors about this particular iPhone. For an Australian iPhone lover like you, there are some information about iPhone SE in Australia you should have not missed.

iphone se in australia

iPhone SE in Australia News and Info

  • The brief review about the phone

Apple claims that iPhone SE is not the same with the other standard iPhone you have ever seen. The SE offers you hype intensity. It is also claim to be more practical. Although, it does not mean that the iPhone SE is a total new iPhone, this phone offers you several plus points. The SE gets you a combination of almost all popular features in iPhone. Similar to the previous iPhone products, the iPhone SE has always been compared to the Samsung Galaxy, especially the S7. However, most reviews state that the iPhone SE seems to get more attention, especially in Australia because of the combination of the popular features.

  • The price and availability in the market

Another important information about the iPhone SE in Australia is its availability and the estimated price. The rumors say that the SE is a smaller and less expensive iPhone that is sold in Australia. Well, if you see the product as an iPhone 6S in the iPhone 5S package, it can be true. The phone is designed with the 6S ID and have 4.0 inch display like the iPhone 5S body. The iPhone SE is available online in Australia since March 31. Even start from March 25 you have already been able to have it ordered.

There two versions of iPhone SE available in Australia. The first is the 16GB iPhone SE. The price starts from $679 in Australia, which is much more expensive than the actual price in the US which is about $US299. While the second is the 64GB iPhone SE that will cost you $829. The higher price of iPhone SE in australia is caused by high tax in Australia.

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